Ways to Reduce the Environmental Impact of Printing

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Are you trying to reduce your office’s carbon footprint?

Do you know if it’s possible for your company to go green and save money at the same time?

We’re all aware of the human impact on the environment, and as a business owner, you’ve probably been taking steps to make your workplace eco-friendlier.

Simple steps like working remotely when possible, reducing energy consumption, switching to a water tank rather than plastic water bottles, and office recycling are great places to start, but have you considered how printing contributes to your carbon footprint?

Here are a few ways to practice eco-friendly printing:

  1. Use paper responsibly: Whenever you can, reuse a paper before tossing it in the recycling bin. If one side of a printed paper is blank, consider printing on the other side, or repurpose the paper to use as packing materials, or for taking notes on.
  2. Use your printer’s double-sided settings: Review the settings on your printer and try to print double sided whenever possible rather than using two full pages.
  3. Try environmentally friendly printing paper: Eco-friendly printing papers consist of high-recycled content, which are cost-effective, and use less chemicals in the manufacturing process.
  4. Choose an energy-efficient printer: Choosing the right printer can significantly help you reduce your carbon footprint. Compact and lightweight printers are easy to install, and they save space and energy in your office.

Less Paper, Smaller Footprint

It goes without saying that reducing paper usage means reducing your company’s environmental impact. When you do need to print, we can help you make sure you’re using the most high-quality printer ink so you can avoid printing multiple copies of the same document.

Contact us today to talk about sustainable printer ink options, and learn more about our e-waste program!

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