Create a Safer Work Environment by Printing Up-to-Code Safety Labels for Your Ann Arbor Business!

Do you have large machinery, chemicals, or fire equipment on site? Stay up to code with proper safety labels for your Ann Arbor area business!

We’ll help you stay up to code! 

Do you own a business that needs updated labels? Are you opening a new location that needs to start over from scratch with fresh new safety labels? Contractors, plumbers, construction companies, auto body shops and many other industries use safety labels in just about every area of their work. It’s important to know which labels you need and how you can get them produced. 

Safety labels play a crucial role in preventing bodily injury, equipment damage, and even lawsuits for your company. Make sure you have the right labels in the right places:

Make Sure You Have Proper Safety Labels for ALL Machines

Safety labels should be prominently displayed on any heavy equipment or machinery. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) says, “safety labels should include a pictogram and a signal word, such as:

  • CAUTION (minor or moderate injury could occur - should appear in yellow)
  • WARNING (death or serious injury could occur - should appear in orange)
  • DANGER (death or serious injury WILL occur - should appear in red)”

Below, or to the side of the pictogram, should be a brief description of the nature of the hazard, consequences of the hazard, and how to avoid the hazard.

Safety Labels for Ann Arbor Area Facilities

Around your workplace, safety labels are needed to remind employees about basic safety measures. You see these often and might not realize it - “keep this door closed”, and “employees must wash hands before returning to work” are examples.

Generally, these labels should include a pictogram and a signal word, along with a brief description of the required action. 

Safety Labels for Hazardous Chemicals

OSHA, The Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires that all hazardous chemical labels include:

  • Pictogram
  • Signal word (CAUTION, WARNING, or DANGER)
  • Product identification
  • Brief description of the nature of the hazard, consequences of the hazard, and how to avoid or minimize the effects of the hazard
  • Name, address, and telephone number of the chemical manufacturer

Other places that should have safety labels are entrance and exit signs above doorways, labels on fire extinguishers, and any fire safety exits should have red labels. 

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