How Shopping Local Can Grow Your Business

Are you a small business owner in Washtenaw County?

Are you looking for more ways to streamline your processes at the office?

If supporting local businesses like your own is a priority for you, we know how important it is to make sure that the businesses you work with are not only good at what they do, but are owned and operated by good people, too.

Choosing a local business rather than a big box store is about more than supporting other small business owners. Shopping local means:

  • You care about your local community
  • You respect other small business owners
  • You’ll get better customer service
  • Small businesses want the best final result, not just your money
  • You’re giving people jobs!

Small Businesses with Big Hearts

Shopping local helps boost the economy of your community, and often provides you with better options for customer service, quick shipping and delivery, and better-quality product.

MCS can help southeast Michigan businesses save time and money with:

  • Pricing as good or better than big box and online stores
  • Quality and caliber of service better than name brand suppliers
  • Being responsive to your business needs
  • Resolving your printing issues
  • Guaranteeing products and offer free replacements

That’s where we come in! Michigan Computer Supplies is family owned and operated and has been providing other small businesses in Ann Arbor with printer ink, toner, and managed print services and repair for over 20 years.

Our mission at MCS is to provide the very best value in printer supplies and service, custom labels, bar code and data collection products, paper, and more to the Ann Arbor business community and beyond. Your custom labels and hard to find supplies can even be stocked at our warehouse for on-demand delivery!

Give MCS a call and let's start your culture of kindness experience today! You'll be glad you did and we can't wait to help you!

Same day delivery of toner and custom label stock. Michigan Computer Supplies team Freee Cartridge Recylcing


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