Thermal Transfer Label Printers and How They Work

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Do you use barcodes and data collection for your business?

Are you considering using labels as a way to make inventory easy and more efficient?

Thermal label printers are essential if you want to make thermal barcode labels part of your everyday inventorying processes. This type of printer creates labels and signs by melting wax or resin-based “ink” onto paper, and create smear-proof images that are fade-resistant.

How do Thermal Printers Work?

The main material used in thermal transfer printing is wax or resin-based ink. This is loaded into the printer in the form of a ribbon, applied in a very thin layer to a backing of polyester film, and drawn through the printer between the paper or tape and the print head. The print head is made up of tiny heating pins, each which represent a single pixel.

What are the Benefits of a Thermal Transfer Printer?

  • Durable and fade proof – Up against traditional ink-on-paper and direct thermal labels, thermal transfer labels are more durable and fade resistant.
  • Superior barcodes – If you’re printing barcodes, you need to rely on them to actually be readable. With thermal transfer labels, you’re able to cleanly and precisely print exact widths, creating the most accurate labels.
  • PC Compatible – Many thermal transfer printers are compatible with PCs, allowing you to import images and text from your computer.
  • Many media choices – There’s a variety of materials to print thermal labels on, ranging from tamper-resistant tapes, self-laminating labels, and heat shrink tubing.

If you work in an office, laboratory, or industrial jobsite, a thermal transfer printer and thermal barcode labels in general could make your workplace much more efficient!

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