Using Color Prints to Optimize Marketing Efforts

Are you trying to grow your business and stand out among the competition in your community?

Do you want to have Instagram-worthy marketing materials in your store?

Color printing is so important to businesses trying to make a great first impression. If your printer can’t handle it, you may have to spend money using a professional printing service, which could have a negative impact on your overall marketing budget.

We can help! Optimizing your printing is a great way to save money and keep your printing process in-house. Being able to print your own marketing materials also ensures you can communicate your business ideas to potential customers whenever you need to.

The main principles of using color printing in your marketing strategy are:

  1. Compelling colors get noticed. There’s a reason stop signs are bright red – they grab our attention! The same is true for marketing materials. Take care when considering your logo colors and other branding colors.
  2. Color choices can be used to draw the eye to a particular area. For example, on a website you may see headers in a different color than other text. You can utilize this approach on your printer materials, too! Highlight a special offer or box out a section that’s especially important for your clients to read.
  3. Color denotes importance. If your fliers are in color while the competition is in black and white, you can expect that your flyer will get picked up more often! Also consider color when you send mailers or postcards. Bright colors will stand out among boring, white envelopes.
  4. Finally, colors are often associated with emotion. Use this to your advantage when planning your marketing materials! Orange, for example, evokes warmth, while blue evokes calmness. Consider the type of business, products, or services you provide, and the feeling you want your potential customers to have when they read about you.

Need advice about color printing?

Need help deciding on what type of paper or ink to choose? That’s where MCS comes in!

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