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Harness the Power of Your Custom Product Labels in Your Ann Arbor Business!

  • Does it seem like your product is invisible to potential customers?

  • Want to get your product noticed and increase sales?

  • Is your product label attracting sales or hindering sales?

From Obscurity to Center Stage

You have a great product, but it's not selling.  It seems your product is hiding in the shadows. If only your product stood out among the many available options! 

You're not the only one who's frustrated. Imagine this same problem from your customer's perspective.  People want to find a product that fits their needs, and they want to find it quickly!  Why not help them by designing a custom product label they are sure to find! To design an effective custom product label, you must first define your customer, your company, and your product.

Harness the Power of Custom Product Labels
Harness the Power of Custom Product Labels

Define your customer!

  • Who is your ideal customer? Considerations include age, gender, marital status, location, income level, education, stage of life, and business.  What other characteristics define your ideal customer?  
  • What is your ideal customer looking for when reading your custom product label? Place yourself in your customer's shoes and ask the questions that they might ask, such as, "What is this thing?" "How will I benefit from using this product?" or "How do I use this stuff?" 

 Define your company!

  • Who are you? Identify your brand on your product label. What's your company mission and values? Do you want to be associated with high-end products? Are you community minded, environmentally focused, family oriented, and/or or high tech?  Do you offer friendly, high-quality service? The look and feel of your custom product label should speak to your brand identity.

Define your product!

  • Capture attention through color, font style, label shape, product name, tagline, and/or graphics.  
  • Keep attention by providing relevant information.  Is there something about your product that makes it stand out from the rest? For example, if a highly desired ingredient or component is only available in your product, include it on the label.  If key information is missing from the product label, you might lose the sale.  

The Basics of Custom Product Label Design

  • The front of the label is typically more general in nature, and may include your logo, product name, tag line or product description, and quantity.  
  • Provide more detail on the back, including product description, company or product story, instructions for use, ingredients, barcode, and other relevant information. 
  • Keep in mind that the size of the label will drive the font size and amount of information presented.  The words must be readable!  The style, size, and color of the font all contribute to the readability.  If it's too elaborate or small, your efforts may be wasted. The contrast between the color of the font and background also impacts readability. A light font needs to paired with a darker background for optimal readability.  For example, a label with light-yellow wording against a medium yellow background is sure to frustrate anyone who attempts to read it.  Whereas a label with light-yellow wording against a dark blue background is easier to read given the level on contrast.

Wouldn't it be great to unlock the untapped potential of your custom product labels and stop customers in their tracks?  Get your product out of the shadows and into the spotlight!

Experience our friendly and convenient service and grow your business with custom product labels from MCS.  Our customers love on-demand delivery for their custom product labels.  We store your inventory of custom product labels and provide what you need when you need it!  

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I have worked with Chris and Michigan Computer Supplies for about 15 years overall, 2 with Energy Products my current company. Chris really takes care of his customers. We purchase toner and labels for 5 printers and at times we go through up to 30 cartridges per month. MCS will keep some of the products we use on their shelf. This is helpful when we really need something quickly they will run it over. We use both compatible refurbished toners and OEM cartridges. The few times our printer had trouble reading the chip with a re-furbished cartridge, Chris immediately replaced it. Other big box companies wouldn't be as accommodating. Chris also drop ships items to our franchisee company, Battery Giant. MCS is really great!

Sean Doty, Energy Products


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