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Stay Safe in the Classroom with PPE

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Are you getting ready for back to school season? 

This year it looks different than ever before! If your kids are going back to school in-person in the fall, you want to be sure that they’ll be safe and protected when they get there.

As an administrator or teacher, having essential personal protective equipment for you and your students is important as we all navigate this unprecedented time together.

According to the Centers for Disease Control:

“The more people a student or staff member interacts with, and the longer that interaction, the higher the risk of COVID-19 spread. The risk of COVID-19 spread increases in school settings as follows:

  • Lowest Risk: Students and teachers engage in virtual-only classes, activities, and events.
  • More Risk: Small, in-person classes, activities, and events. Groups of students stay together and with the same teacher throughout/across school days and groups do not mix. Students remain at least 6 feet apart and do not share objects (e.g., hybrid virtual and in-person class structures, or staggered/rotated scheduling to accommodate smaller class sizes).
  • Highest Risk: Full sized, in-person classes, activities, and events. Students are not spaced apart, share classroom materials or supplies, and mix between classes and activities.”

We know how important it is to make sure there’s no opportunity for COVID to spread, especially in our schools. Making sure every teacher, staff member, and student is given the essential PPE they need is on the top of our priority list!

Michigan Computer Supplies Now Offering PPE to the Business and Non-Profit Community, and Schools near You

Part of our commitment to the business community is making sure our customers and neighbors have the supplies they need – not only to keep their offices and printers up and running, but to keep themselves and their customers safe. 

As businesses begin to reopen, it is crucial to continue following CDC Guidelines. Just as you want to know your family members and friends are safe at their jobs, we can help you make sure your work family is safe too.

School discounts of 10% will be honored. Please call 734-213-5400 for more information!

As Office Specialist of Lurie Terrace, a Senior Apartment Community, I oversee the responsibilities of the office which includes the ordering of office supplies. My days are fast paced, so when I order printer cartridges from Michigan Computer Supplies, I receive my order the very next day. Quite conveniently, I get the invoices via email for our bookkeeper to handle. The Michigan Computer Supplies staff is very friendly and a pleasure to work with. They also recycle our used products which I really like. They recognize my voice whenever I call for orders and every Christmas, they send us a card with their pictures and this makes for a nice rapport. I have had other suppliers offering to beat their prices, but I would not go elsewhere. It is a pleasure working with this special group and I appreciate the personal and professional experience.

Elsie Casiano, Lurie Terrace


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