Best Solutions for Sustainability in Printing

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Sustainability has been at the forefront of business in recent years, and many companies are looking for ways to become more eco-friendly.

Besides in-office recycling programs, or switching from paper and plastic to reusable materials, you can also go green with the way you print!

There are several ways you can increase the green printing solutions in your office:

  1. Responsible paper sourcing: Make sure that either your paper or other raw materials come from eco-friendly sources. Besides recycled fibers, coating, bleaching, and other variables all play into paper’s environmental impact. Evaluate other business practices from your suppliers like shipping with hybrid vehicles, encouraging employees to telecommute, or other “green” practices.
  2. Using soy and vegetable-based printer inks: Traditional inks are petroleum-based and have a number of negative environmental effects. Vegetable-based inks, usually made with soy, are more sustainable. They make recycling easier too, as they make de-inking easier.
  3. Overall energy efficiency: Use energy efficient machines whenever possible! From printers to office refrigerators, there are so many ways you can increase your “green” machines.
  4. Eliminated wasteful production practices: Stop over-printing by using technologies like on demand printing and variable data printing.

The biggest areas you can utilize sustainable printing processes are product (what’s actually being made), process (the means by which the product is created), and envelope (the surrounding materials and facilities, shipping, and employees).

If you’ve never evaluated how your company is moving forward with sustainability, there’s no time like the present!

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