DIY Printer Repair Hacks

Are you frustrated with your printer?

Tired of not being able to rely on your printer?

Tired of not being able to get clear documents when you need them?

We understand your frustration. We can help make your life a little easier. Repairing your printer on your own can save you money, but having the pros fix it will save you many potential headaches.

Before you call in the experts, try these tips first:

1. Lagging printer speed –
Make sure your firmware and drivers are up to date.
If you have a wireless printer, try moving closer to the router to improve your signal.

2. Reduced print quality –
Your print head could be blocked. This usually happens when you don’t use your inkjet printer frequently, which causes ink to dry. Try cleaning the print head and testing it again.

3. Printer doesn’t work at all – 
Check to see if you have an error message and try fixing that first. Next, try rebooting your printer and computer. If that doesn’t work, ensure that all your cords are inserted correctly. If your printer is wireless, try restarting your router; there could be a problem with the signal. Some printers have a built-in troubleshooting system you can try if nothing else works.

4. Frequent paper jams - 
Too much paper in the tray can also cause papers to jam. Try stacking fewer papers at a time! 

5. Computer sending print job to wrong printer - 
If your computer is connected to multiple printers, you might end up confusing your printer with another that has a similar sounding name. Go to your Devices and Printers tab and change your preference to your default printer.

If you’re still having issues with your printer, contact the experts at Michigan Computer Supplies for printer repair in Ann Arbor to help you.

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