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How to Print for Less

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Are you always buying new ink?

Are printing materials your biggest workplace expense?

Ink and other printer materials can be expensive, especially for businesses. Unfortunately, many businesses don’t think to about how much is spent yearly in printing costs, and the majority of costly printing errors can be easily fixed.

Here are some tips to reduce the cost of printing:

  1. Save Paper ‒ Preview your document before printing. Is there any unnecessary information on the page that can be removed? If the document is double spaced, change it to single space to fit onto the page. Always use duplex printing. Scan and email documents instead of copying. While it’s nice to have physical copy, we have technology to reduce paper waste.
  2. Print in Black and White ‒ Set your printer to black and white printing. Only use color printing when necessary. This will save on ink immensely.
  3. Use Managed Print Services ‒ Keep track of your printing by using a managed print service. This service allows you to buy or lease a printer that manages your printing activities. All you provide is paper. Ink, toner, and repairs are handled by the printer’s owner.
  4. Avoid Printer Repair ‒ Print weekly to make sure your printer is operating well. This weekly printing keeps the printer’s ink nozzles from drying up. It’s also recommended to service the printer once a year, even if nothing’s wrong. This way potential problems can be found before they begin and become expensive to fix.

We’ll improve your printing experience

Does your printer act up when you need it most?

Is your printer’s inefficiency hurting your business?

At Michigan Computer Supplies, we provide quality printer repair in Ann Arbor. Helping Southeast Michigan businesses save time and money with their printing needs has been MCS' top priority for more than twenty years.  

Our experienced technician will address your problem with ease. Another reason we provide the best printer repair in Ann Arbor is because the labor for toner related problems is free if you purchase toner cartridges from MCS.

If you’re tired of playing with your printer before a big deadline, call us today at 734-213-5400 to schedule a printer repair in Ann Arbor.

The A2Y Chamber has been working with Michigan Computer Supplies for several years now. They have fantastic service and they even donate a case of paper to our organization each month. Every non-profit is looking to save funds... With the help of Michigan Computer Supplies, the Chamber has been able to stretch valuable resources.

Diane Keller, President A2 Chamber


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