Easy Fixes for Common Printer Issues

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Imagine this: you’re presenting a proposal to a prospective client that could have a huge positive impact on the future of your business. All you need to do is print the final proposal.

You hit print, expecting a crisp document to emerge, but instead, your printer throws a tantrum. Need help ASAP? Don't despair! 

Most simple printer problems have solutions you can tackle yourself before you hire a professional.

Try this first before picking up the phone:

The Print Job Goes Nowhere:

  • The basics: Is your printer powered on and properly connected (USB, Wi-Fi, etc.)? Did you select the right printer on your computer? A simple restart of your printer and device can often clear up communication glitches.
  • Paper panic? Ensure the paper tray isn't empty or overflowing. Misaligned paper can also cause jams. Take a moment to straighten the stack and ensure it feeds correctly.

Nothing But Blank Pages:

  • Ink or toner: This is a classic culprit. Check your ink or toner cartridge levels. If they're low, replace them according to your printer's model. Be sure you're using the correct cartridges for your printer!
  • Drivers: Outdated printer drivers can cause printing issues. Visit your printer manufacturer's website to download and install the latest drivers for your device and operating system.

Quality Concerns:

  • Streaky or Faint Prints: If your prints lack vibrancy, it might be time for a cleaning cycle. Most printers have a built-in cleaning function – consult your user manual for instructions.
  • Wrong Paper: Using inappropriate paper can lead to quality issues. Choose paper recommended for your printer type (inkjet or laser) and suitable for the project (photo printing, everyday documents, etc.).

If these quick troubleshooting tips don’t help, you need to call the professionals.

Wouldn’t it be great to receive a prompt reply to your email or phone call, rather than having to contact several places with the hope that someone will eventually respond? Some service providers may take several days to respond or to schedule your repair. You don’t have that kind of time! 

We’ll follow up with you promptly, and we can troubleshoot by phone to help get your printer up and running. 

We truly care about the Ann Arbor community and want to continue to build relationships with small businesses and non-profit organizations. We can help with all your printer, labeling, and printing needs, including on-location printer repair in Ann Arbor and the surrounding areas. 

Contact us today to discuss your needs and to schedule a checkup for your printer!

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