The Three Biggest Printer Problems and Solutions

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A printer is often one of the most used business devices. Printers can present so many problems – from streaky printouts, to paper jams – and when your printer doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, it can be incredibly frustrating.

While some printer problems are too technical for you to handle without a professional printer repair service, you might be able to fix some of the most common ones on your own.

Problem 1: Slow Printing

Some printers are robust and fast; others are slow. If your printer is usually fast but has begun to slow down, it could be due to the settings you’re using.

If high-resolution printouts are slowing down the process, tweak a few settings. Try dialing down to draft mode (or the lowest quality mode your printer has).

If you’re not printing high-quality photos, a lower resolution will make your printer faster and more efficient.

Problem 2: Low-Quality Text

Different printers produce different text quality. While laser printers are ideal for expert printing because they produce crisp printouts, inkjets print text suitable for school, home, and many or business uses.

If you notice your text quality worsening over time or all at once, it could be the type of printer or the settings you’re using. You can adjust to a higher quality setting and make sure you’re using the right paper.

Regular printer maintenance can also ensure that you have high-quality printouts every time.

Problem 3: Paper Jams

There’s nothing more frustrating than paper jams. They can range from a simple piece of jammed paper in the tray to several pieces jammed into the back, which are harder to reach. Regardless, a paper jam is a problem that can be avoided!

Make sure your paper stack is correctly placed in the try between the guides. Don’t over-stack your trays! If a paper jam keeps happening, you might need to call the professionals for tech support.

What’s the number one solution to pesky printer problems?

The best way you can ensure your printer works the way it’s supposed to is to schedule regular printer maintenance with a printer repair company near you. Taking care of your machine with cleanings and calibrations can help extend the life of your printer.

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