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Grow Your Small Business by Partnering with Local Services

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Do you own a small business in Ann Arbor?

Are you an entrepreneur, or work out of your home due to COVID?

Small businesses have taken a hit in the last year, but 2021 could be your best year yet! If you’re looking for a way to make your processes more efficient or to network with other small businesses, consider partnering with local, family-owned businesses for your everyday needs!

Michigan Computer Supplies is a family-owned, small business, so we understand how hard the last year has been. We also know how important it is to develop relationships in the community to make sure we’re supporting other companies like ours!

Have you considered switching your printer repair service from a big brand store to a local company like MCS?

Think about how easy it would be to rely on a local business to deliver toner, ink cartridges, and custom labels right to your door instead of having to wait for pricey deliveries! What about printer repair? If something goes wrong, you don’t have time to lose.

We can help!

Fast and Friendly Printer Repair Service in Ann Arbor and the Surrounding Communities

Not only do we offer the friendliest printer repair service in Ann Arbor, but we practically make it a “no-brainer,” because when you purchase compatible toner cartridges from MCS, your labor is FREE for toner-related problems.

Thankfully, printers are typically very low maintenance.  You’ll usually just need to replace the consumables, such as toner, fusers, and drums.  Occasionally, you may also need to replace parts such as rollers and drive gears (which pick up blank paper and deliver the printed paper into the tray).

We truly care about the Ann Arbor community and want to continue to build relationships with small businesses and non-profit organizations.  We have the ability to help you with all your computer, labeling, and printing needs, including on location printer repair service in Ann Arbor and the surrounding area.

Contact us today to discuss your needs and to schedule a checkup for your printer.  We can also serve your toner needs. Check out a sample of our competitive prices!

We have been working with Michigan Computer Supplies for three years and purchase OEM and compatible cartridges and maintenance kits for about twenty printers. We not only have three lumber yards but also supply our off site sales staff with ink for their personal printers. Our main HP printer uses about 40 toner cartridges per year. We prefer to use MCS's compatible or refurbished cartridges for cost savings. For example, out of those 40 cartridges we may have had issues with 2 of them and MCS replaces them right away without any questions! A lot of other companies ask a lot of questions and try to troubleshoot to avoid having to replace the cartridge or come on site. They are amazing! In addition, when we have been in a pinch they have come right out that day which is pretty rare. They are a very friendly company and always have us covered!

Doug Beaumont, Chelsea Lumber Company


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